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  • What is an NFT?
    An NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique unit of data stored on the blockchain. NFTs can be bought and sold, and the ledger provides digital proof of ownership.
  • How many Yolo Solos were minted?
    The supply of our mint was 2,000.
  • Where can I buy an Yolo Solos NFT?
    You can buy them on
  • Can I play the game on mobile?
    Usually you can, but after our most recent release, we are now working on relaunching our game on mobile. Once we have launched those updates, the game will work with the Flint wallet, and we are working on Eternl to work in the future.
  • How can I help the community grow?
    Community is at the heart of any successful NFT project. To help the community grow, like and follow us on Twitter and be a positive and active member in our Discord. Get to know the team and your fellow Yolo Solos enthusiasts, and invite your friends to do the same!
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